Toner Refill Service in Jalandhar

Toner Refill Service Jalandhar

Anil Toner Refill Shop provides Servicing facilities related to the Printer which including Printer Repairing, Ink refilling in Cartridges and Toners. This service is almost spread all over India mostly in Punjab and in Punjab Anil Toner Refill Service near me Centre is one of the reputed service centres in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Basically, there are two types of a printer which are ink based that is:

Ø  Toner-based Printers
Ø  Cartridge-Based printers 

Toner Based Printers: In this type of printers, Printer Toner refill service is placed in it in which ink will be filled. Toners are responsible for the printing. There are so many other parts which play the vital role to get the quality result in printing.

 Apart from the Toner Refill service, the rest of the parts are:

  • 4 Blades
  • PCR
  • Wiper Blade
  • Doctor Blade
  • Magnet
  • Drum
  • Ink


There are total 4 blades which have their own functions while doing toner refill and each one is very important in terms of good Result. Their brief functionality explains herein below:


PCR is in the shape of a thin rod which has a very important role. Basically, PCR and Wiper blade work both with the Drum to make the image to the paper. The drum is responsible to fix the printing on Paper and the PCR which is just below the Drum Clean the printing from the Drum which has done on Paper so that Drum will be fresh and ready for the next printing without doubling with previous printing. If there are any errors like doubling of characters or lines on the paper then PCR needs to be replaced.

Wipe Blade:

Wiper Blade is like flat and thin tray which is just below the DRUM and PCR which works with the PCR and responsible to clean the existing printing from the Drum. Sometimes the doubling characters or lines on the paper show because of the wiper blade. In this case, this wiper blade needs to be replaced while doing toner refill service.

Doctor Blade:

It is like long, flat and thin Tray. Doctor Blade is the part of the Ink portion and responsible to balance the ink on the paper. If there is any problem like the imbalance of characters on the paper then the problem is in the Doctor Blade and it needs to be replaced from the professional ones while doing printer Toner Refill.


Magnet is like the Long Rod which is joint with the doctor Blade and has magnet properties also the part of the ink portion and it is responsible to carry the ink from the tank and forward to the Drum so that the drum will fix the image or characters to the paper with the help of ink coming from the magnet. If the Drum is unable to place the ink on paper then, the problem might be the magnet because it fails to shift the ink from the tank to the Drum in the result of the blank paper.


It is like a green or sky blue colour rod which is very important. It is responsible to print the content on the paper with the ink. If this has a problem then the print is not clear, either there are lines on the paper or make the low quality matter on the paper. To resolve this problem, User needs to change it from the professional. It usually changes during every refill because of the company low-grade Toner which is placed in the printers. It is used and throws Toner But professionals change the drum and fill the ink and make toner new. “Anil Toner Refill” is one of the professional places to do this.