All types of printers are available on rent including Toners and service. Technician fit the printers at client’s place. An agreement has taken place which is of 1 year in which as per client’s requirement the printers and Toners alot to the company. Many facilities include in the rental agreement which areas:

1. All the Printers are fully serviced with a minimum of 3 Toners.

2. The minimum number of copies are 3000, which further depend on the requirement of the company.

3. Single Printer Cost starts from 2500 with 3 Toner which is 100% filled with the genuine ink per month at the rental basis.

4. Double Printer cost starts from 4000 per month with 3 Toners each which are 100% filled with the genuine ink per month at the rental basis.

5. Technicians fit the printers to the client’s place and do service from time to time.

6. Rental Printers are specially designed for the need of the organization and it changes with the need of any organization.

7. Rent is on a monthly basis. 

8. The Rental Agreement is very flexible which help the organization to develop themselves in an easy way.

Printer Service provides all types of printers on rent depend on the requirement of the organization, rental printers areas: 

  • 1020 Printer
  • 2900 Printer
  • LaseJet Printer
  • InkJet Printer etc

Minimum Order

1 Printer + 3 Toners + Fitting + Service

Start from  2500/Month 


“Printer Service” ND.313 Purani Kachehri, Near Adda Hoshiarpur Railway Crossing, Jalandhar, Punjab (144001).

Mobile No. 90234-56666, 0181-5002083


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rental Printer

rental printer


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Printer Service shop is founded in 1994 and recieve many awards to offer best service in Jalandhar


Printer Service Goal is to solve the problem and help to grow the organization.


Before offer service, Consult with the customer and find the exact need and then give best advice.